Heinz campaign reveals joy of parenting

Giggling baby

Heinz for Baby is launching a new ad campaign, Pure Joy, to celebrate the joy of parenting.

The campaign, going live this month, portrays the authentic side of parenting and pays homage to the real, chaotic joy being a parent brings.

Pure Joy showcases user-generated footage of parents experiencing moments of pure joy with their children. It initially launches across digital video & social media channels including Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, followed by broadcast and out-of-home activity across 2022.

Georgina Fotopoulou, Marketing Lead at Heinz for Baby, commented: “We understand parents are faced with more pressures and anxieties than ever before, particularly when it comes to feeding their children, so we want to show how Heinz is a brand that understands their needs and is there, by their side, celebrating the joy in the chaos that parents experience every day.”