Haribo extends veggie range

Haribo Sour Sparks and Starbeams

To meet the growing demand for vegetarian sweets, Haribo has launched Haribo Sour Sparks and Haribo Starbeams.

Both are available in plain and £1 priced-marked 160g packs.

Haribo Sour Sparks offers “a unique, chewy eating experience with a tasty, sour centre”. Big enough to bite into twice, the lightning bolt-shaped pieces come in three colour and flavour combinations: cola & lemon, apple & cherry and raspberry & pineapple. Each bite gives a longer-lasting bolt of sourness from inside the jelly to deliver a sour experience that is completely new to the range.

The first foam sweet to join the brand’s vegetarian range, Haribo Starbeams offers a mix of soft jelly and foam sweets in three fruit flavours: cherry, apple and lemon. Each flavour is available in a colourful shape that represents positivity.

Claire James, Trade Marketing Manager for Haribo said: “With two bright and vibrant packs to add to shelves, each with its own unique selling point, we know that these products will cause a stir. Each features an on-pack flash to reinforce that these treats are suitable for vegetarians, making it even easier for consumers to make a choice about the products they would prefer.”

For further information about Haribo, contact the sales team on 01977 600266 or visit the brand’s website.