Fudge packs a hint of Vimto

Vimto fudge

If you’ve ever eaten fudge and wished it tasted of Vimto then your prayers have been answered. That’s right, Vimto has launched its first official, licensed fudge product: Handmade Vintage Vimto Fudge, which is produced by Gardiners of Scotland.

Available now, the new fudge is packed in two formats: a 170g luxury sharing carton (RRP £3.99) and a 250g premium tin (RRP £6.99), which makes an ideal gift.

Helen Hartley, Vimto brand licensing manager, commented: “This is a hugely exciting launch for the brand as it not only propels Vimto into a new sector but allows us to offer a product that will appeal to a broader age range of consumers. Both formats will be available all year round, but have launched just in-time for the Christmas gifting season for those looking to trade-up and purchase more premium confectionery items.”

As demand for traditional sugar confectionery grows, Hartley thinks the brand’s heritage will draw in consumers who remember the Vimto flavour from their childhoods. She also pointed out a secondary use for the packaging: “The premium tin can easily be kept once the fudge has been eaten and used as a decorative item or as storage for lovers of all things vintage.”

For trade enquiries, retailers should call Vimto on 01925 294005.