Five year ban on personal alcohol licences removed

Scottish Parliament

A five year ban on holding a personal alcohol licence for people who failed to undertake refresher training has been removed from Scottish law.

Previously anybody with a personal licence for selling alcohol, who failed to undertake refresher training or present their certificate to the licensing board by the due date, faced a five year ban on applying for a new licence.

The introduction of the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act, which received Royal Assent this week, removes this provision.

Minister for Community Safety & Legal Affairs, Paul Wheelhouse, said the government had responded to concerns that a five-year ban was excessive.

He added: “From this week, anybody who had their personal licence revoked for failing to present a refresher training certificate can now apply for a new licence, as long as they meet with the other requirements.”

Refresher training remains compulsory, and personal licence holders who fail to undertake it face the costs of reapplying for a licence.

The new legislation will also create new offences of giving, or making available, alcohol to a child or young person for consumption in a public place.