Dual Mary’s Meals covers for Scottish Sun

Scottish Sun Mary's Meals covers

Every copy of The Scottish Sun sold today (December 8) will raise money for Mary’s Meals, the Scottish charity which is part of a global movement to provide meals to some of the world’s poorest children in a place of learning every school day.

It costs Mary’s Meals just seven pence to give a child a meal, and therefore 7p from each copy sold on Friday will be donated to the charity – enough to provide meals for more than 180,000 children.

And in a first for The Scottish Sun, there are two different versions of today’s front page next to each other on the newsstands. They have the same message of hope, but one features a little girl with her meal and the other a little boy.

Scottish Sun Editor Alan Muir said: “Mary’s Meals spoke to us about their work and showed us a film of the children they are helping. It just breaks your heart.

“Then, when you are told that 7p – just 7p, a figure you probably wouldn’t bother to bend down and pick up if you dropped it in the street – can feed a starving kid for a day, you know that you have to do something.

“That’s why we are donating 7p from every paper sold to the charity.”

Daniel Adams, Executive Director, Mary’s Meals UK, said: “We’re very excited that The Scottish Sun has chosen to support Mary’s Meals in this way. Our work in 15 countries, with some of the world’s poorest communities, is reaching more than 1.2 million children with a nutritious meal every school day, helping each child to gain an education and the hope of a brighter future.”