Dairylea takes flavour innovation up a nach

Dairylea Dunkers Nachos

Dairylea has made a new addition to its Dunkers range this spring – Dairylea Dunkers Nachos.

Available now, Dairylea Dunkers Nachos features tomato salsa-flavoured mini tortilla chips to dunk into Dairylea cheese.

The launch will be supported by a £1.4m Dairylea marketing campaign.

The Dunkers brand is currently worth £47m and saw +16% growth in 2016. The new product aims to build on the success of Dunkers Jumbo Tubes – which is currently growing by +22%.

Elena Mallo, Marketing Manager at brand owner Mondelēz International, said: “Our consumer research shows that flavoured accompaniments to our Dairylea cheese provide a great opportunity for growth within the range. We hope that this new innovation will bring some excitement to the chiller aisle, as well as offering consumers a snack that is not only tasty but provides a good source of calcium too.”

Dairylea Dunkers Nachos (180g) is available now at an RSP of £2.42 in outers of six.