Costcutter introduces intelligent cash drawers

SMARTtill intelligent cash drawer

Costcutter Supermarkets Group is trialling the “next generation in cash management technology”, the SMARTtill Intelligent Cash Drawer, in a number of its stores.

Believed to be the first intelligent cash drawer on the market, the SMARTtill will soon be available to the Group’s 2,600 stores across the UK.

Using the latest weighing technology, the tills count all notes and coins automatically within seconds of the cash drawer being closed. Daily cashing up becomes a thing of the past as the tills automatically reconcile every cash transaction and provide full reports for retailers on vital figures including rolling floats values, change needed, top-up values, pick-up values and sales values, saving retailers up to 30 minutes per day per POS terminal.

Dave Morris, Director of IT, Costcutter Supermarkets Group, said: “Retailers are looking for straight forward technologies that can be implemented quickly and easily whilst bringing real benefits to them and their store. We demonstrated the SMARTtill Cash Management Solution at our conference last year and there was a real appetite for it from our retailers. The intelligent cash drawers give retailers another way to create efficiencies within their stores and the results from the trials have been very positive.

Costcutter store owner Andy Pengelly commented: “We’ve just completed an initial trial of the SMARTtill Solution, and are really impressed. Not only has it saved time but it gives me an audit trail of cash handling activities instore, which is invaluable for day to day store management.”

The SMARTtill Solution is a British innovation developed and manufactured in the UK by Cash Bases Limited. Stephen Bergeron, the company’s Vice President of Global Marketing, said that in addition to the time savings, retailers were seeing a reduction in cash losses of up to 90%.

“It is through these operational improvements that businesses are achieving an ROI in less than a year utilising the SMARTtill Solution,” he added.