Coronavirus: newspaper publishers offer free home delivery

newspaper in letterbox

Britain’s biggest newspaper publishers have come together to extend the existing ‘Deliver My Newspaper’ Home News Delivery initiative in the wake of the Government-imposed lockdown to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

The news industry is ensuring every national newspaper is now available for Home News Delivery for the first time. All national newspapers are offering between 6-12 weeks free home delivery, paid for by the publisher.

In Italy newspapers have been given special status as Primary Instruments of Democracy, to help inform the public on the ongoing state of national emergency. In the UK the current situation has already seen readers turn sharply to Home News Delivery – even before the lockdown.

As part of the coronavirus industry collaboration, Reach is the newest publisher to join the initiative. This means all national newspapers are now available for HND including The Sun, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Express, The Daily Record, The Guardian, The i, The Scotsman and The Star. Many local newspapers have teamed up separately to offer free Home News Delivery to readers through targeted retailers, with Newsquest running a local HND scheme.

Publishers are also collaborating to do everything they can to get editions to the printers earlier so they can get to wholesalers sooner to ease the supply chain.

News Media Association chief executive David Newell thanked retailers “for all you are doing for the country at this difficult time”.