The complicated alternative to straws


Now that straws are off the menu in England and socially unacceptable everywhere else, a Hampshire engineer has designed what he’s calling “an eco-friendly alternative” that allegedly stops ice and various other bits in your drink hitting your lips and teeth, a first world problem if ever there was one.

Made of plants, re-usable, easy to clean and compostable, the clever design fits any glass and “lets your drink’s flavour flow”. Adrian Potter, who clearly has a lot of time on his hands, has invented the gadget to take on the single-use straw. He apparently came up with the clever design at the age of 17 while struggling with his gin and tonic at a golf club in Hong Kong: “There was so much crushed ice, lemon and garnish in the G&T, I couldn’t take a swig.”

Thirty years later he has perfected his design. We give you Icebloc, a steal at just £3.99 for six on Amazon.

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