Cloudy Lemonade

Among the bright range of Lucozade bottles in the Woodlands Local chiller, a new addition has nestled its way in over the past few weeks, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on it. Lucozade Energy Cloudy Lemonade has half the amount of sugar of standard Lucozade and with reduced sugar and healthier options growing at +5.8% year on year, there is certainly a market for it.

Sales in Woodlands were impressive with the new SKU jumping up to number six on our top selling energy drink PET bottles – and was the top selling line without a price marked pack.

“Brands like Lucozade are always popular, so when new flavours come out customers are always keen to try them,” says Store Manager Gerry Begley. “PMPs dominate so much in soft drinks these days, and our best-selling lines are always price marked, so for this to sell as much as it did is testament to a great launch.”

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