Britvic launches brand new marketing campaign for J2O

Britvic is launching a new communications platform for its soft drink brand J2O. ‘There’s Joy in the blend’ is a £2.3m integrated marketing campaign created to encourage consumers make an active choice when it comes to choosing a soft drink.

The campaign focuses on blending two fruits together to create something amazing and will include a brand new TV advert, online (digital and social) and experiential activity. Britvic will also be investing in a wider variety of drink serve sizes for hospitality staff to offer consumers as well as to enable those at home to mix it with other drinks.

The first of two creatives airs on 16th November and will initially run for five weeks, with the both adverts airing over twelve month period in total. The concept of the adverts blends J’s and O’s that would not normally go together. For example, the first advert mixes ‘Jay’s breakdance crew’ with ‘Old Irish folk music’ to create an exciting blend powered by J2O. Promoting Orange & Passion Fruit flavour, the end of the advert shows fruit blending together into a liquid stream to fill a bottle, highlighting the brand’s art of mixology and reminding consumers that J2O has been developed to enhance every social experience, whether in or out of the home.

To support the launch of the new campaign and continue its journey as the adult soft drink for any social occasion, Britvic will be producing extra content that will be available exclusively online to enable further exposure of the J2O Blends.

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