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Changing lifestyles mean healthier options consumed on-the-go are driving growth in the breakfast category.

In line with modern shopper behaviours and changing lifestyles, the breakfast occasion has been transformed in recent years, as more shoppers seek out healthier options for on-the-go consumption.

Steph Okell, Quaker Oats Senior Marketing Manager, comments: “People’s everyday lives are becoming increasingly busy, and on-the-go solutions are one way to help make their mornings easier. As the number one trusted healthy breakfast brand, we want to continue to champion the goodness of oats and ensure we have a range of different formats to suit changing consumer demand.”

The latest launch from the company sees the introduction of a new breakfast drink range available in Vanilla and Red Berries flavours, containing 86% milk and 11g of protein, in addition to delivering 100% wholegrain oats.

Following 40% year-on-year growth in the breakfast drink market, this is the first time Quaker has launched a drink to accompany its popular porridge, granola and muesli range. The company says it identified that one of the barriers for people enjoying breakfast drinks is a belief they are too processed, a concern they are addressing by using the trusted Quaker brand name and on-pack flashes highlighting milk and wholegrain content.

The company is also extending its Porridge To Go Breakfast Squares range with a Cinnamon flavour.

These two on-the-go ranges will help retailers target health-conscious families and smaller households who are looking for convenient solutions to fit their busy lifestyles.

Tea up breakfast sales

Marshall Kingston, Senior Manager for Out of Home at Tetley, offers the following tips for growing on-the-go sales:

  • Think service. Make enough space for your on-the-go sales so it is pleasant and easy for shoppers to buy what they want.
  • Think brands. Shoppers will not return if they have a poor taste experience. Well-known quality brands reassure shoppers, so take advantage of free POS materials to make sure your customers know what you are offering.
  • Think clean. Look to offer a solution which is quick to serve and minimises fuss, drips and mess.
  • Think extra sales. Cater to different tea occasions. Younger drinkers for instance are drawn to teas with added benefits and, more than any other hot beverage, tea drinkers tend to buy something extra to have with their tea so make sure that added extras like pastries, biscuits and cake are all within sight and easily accessible.
  • Think variety. On-the-go sales are not just for the busy breakfast period so offering a variety of different teas to cater to different tastes and age groups will encourage sales throughout the day.

The Quaker breakfast drink carries an RSP of £1.45 for a 300ml bottle and the launch is supported by digital and in-store activation, in addition to sampling. The Porridge To Go Breakfast Squares Cinnamon flavour is available in two formats: single-serve 55g packs with an RSP of 75p, and a duo pack of two 55g packs at an RSP of £1.39. The Quaker brand will be supported with in-store and digital activity to coincide with the launch.

Also ideal for the on-the-go breakfast occasions is Oats So Simple Protein Pots, which capitalise on two growth trends. The product offers a fast, convenient, nutrient-packed format for existing Quaker shoppers and will also appeal to a new audience looking for a high protein option.

Tropicana, the number one not-from-concentrate juice brand in the UK, is celebrating its 100% pure pressed fruit content with a new look for its on-the-go range, backed by a colourful marketing campaign. On top of this the brand is introducing two new flavours: Watermelon, Apple & Raspberry juice and Mixed Berries. Both are available in a 300ml size perfect for on-the-go and provide one of your recommended five- a-day.

Whilst breakfast remains a key occasion for chilled fruit juice consumption, Tropicana believes there is a significant opportunity for growth in the post-breakfast occasion, as nearly half of all juice is consumed after 10am. The brand’s aim with the new launches is to be front of mind for consumers all day long.

Copella, the UK’s favourite apple juice brand, is championing its quality, provenance and taste with a refreshed positioning to attract new consumers and unleash future growth. Copella is being re-positioned with new packaging to create a brand-new look, supported by a campaign that celebrates the ‘true taste of nature’.

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