Brand Box: free stock from Unitas

Brand Box

Unitas Wholesale is offering free stock to retailers through its new ‘Brand Box’ product trialling initiative.

Postponed until now due to the coronavirus outbreak and part of the buying group’s Plan for Profit scheme, Brand Box lets retailers range NPD risk-free in their stores.

Each Brand Box campaign will include products selected by Unitas in partnership with its suppliers. These will either be the latest NPD or taken from the Plan for Profit core range.

The first campaign begins at the end of October and will give 1,000 retailers the opportunity to trial products from brands including Maltesers, Pot Noodle, Red Bull and Sharp’s Doom Bar. Each campaign will be underpinned by Picture Portal technology to enable participating brands to see how Brand Box has helped in getting its product merchandised on the shelves of independent retailers.

John Kinney, Unitas Wholesale Sales & Marketing Director, said: “We’ve developed a platform that reduces the risk for the independent retailer to support NPD at the earliest opportunity, allowing them to compete locally. We have developed this initiative in partnership with our suppliers in such a way that provides an effective and efficient route to market.”