Valeo experiments with Fruit Salad creations

Barratt Fruit Salad Creations

Valeo Snack Foods has extended its Barratt range with the launch of new Fruit Salad Creations, a range of juicy, fruit-shaped gummies that encourage the eater to experiment with their own flavour combinations.

Fruit Salad’s two signature core flavours of pineapple and raspberry will still appear in the selection, joined with two new flavours of blackcurrant and orange.

Fruit Salad Creations by Barratt are made with 30% fruit juice, natural colours and flavourings, and are suitable for vegans.

It is available now in 160g packs with an RSP of £1.

Russell Tanner, Marketing Director at Valeo Snack Foods, said: “Fruit Salad is a truly classic brand which has been loved by the nation across all generations for nearly a century, with 78% UK consumer brand and product recognition.

“We hope to appeal to a new generation of gummy lovers and bring even more people into the category by adding the fun twist of experimentation with all four flavours.

“We know that one in five global consumers pay attention to health aspects when buying confectionery, so our added fruit juice, natural colours and flavouring credentials serve to make our sweets that bit more permissible. They’re a fruit salad that everyone wants to eat.”

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