Babybel rolls out functional cheese

Babybel Plus range

Babybel has launched Babybel Plus, the brand’s first-ever functional cheese snack line designed specifically for the food-to-go category.

Babybel Plus launches with two variants, Babybel + Vitamins and Babybel + Live Cultures, catering to consumer demand for healthier grab-and-go snack options in two-pack portions, each delivering the taste and convenience of Babybel Original but blended with either vitamins or one billion live cultures.

According to the latest Mintel Food and drink report, functional food formulations are set to be one of the biggest trends in 2021.

Both variants are rich in protein and calcium,  and are free from additives, colours, flavours and preservatives. Babybel + Live Cultures is enriched with a billion active lactobacillus bacteria, while Babybel + Vitamins is packed with Vitamin B12 to boost the immune system.

Emily Galazka, Senior Brand Manager at Babybel, said: “The launch of Babybel Plus will build on the established reputation of Babybel as a natural portion-controlled snack, by providing additional functional health benefits that cater to consumers’ elevated interest in healthy and immune-system-contributing snacks. Available in convenient packs of two, Babybel Plus is the perfect grab and go snack for consumers looking for healthier options.”

Babybel + B Vitamins and Babybel + Live Cultures are both available now in cases of 20 with an RSP of £1 per 2 x 20g pack.