Frightnight fare from Aryzta

Otis Halloween Muffin by Aryzta

Aryzta Food Solutions has lifted the shroud from its new devilishly-decadent Otis Halloween Muffin.

Available from September 18, the chocolate muffin is smothered with a frightfully smooth vanilla cream, topped with a fun pumpkin-shaped decoration and wrapped in a colourful Halloween-themed case.

With an RSP of £1, the product is supplied frozen for thaw and serve, in case sizes of 30.

“Halloween is fast-becoming a major seasonal occasion for retailers, with demand for Halloween-themed treats on the rise,” said Paul Whitely, Head of Marketing at Aryzta.

“It’s the perfect excuse for consumers to celebrate, with young consumers proving key to its success; research shows that millennials who grew up celebrating Halloween are buying more items and spending more on average than other generations.

“Our new Otis Halloween Muffin taps into this demand, with a treat that can be enjoyed by shoppers young and old. It’s sure to attract hordes of shoppers to the bakery fixture this autumn!”

Aryzta advises retailers to utilise POS provided including posters and shelf barkers to drive sales of the limited-edition treat.