80% of shoppers ‘want to help high street’


New research from Visa suggests many consumers are concerned about the future of their high streets – and over 80% want to help.

As lockdown measures tighten up once more, new research among 2,000 adults by Visa reveals that four in five shoppers (81%) believe their high streets need support to pull through. Some 84% of consumers are worried about the future of their high street but 81% of Scottish consumers are determined to play their part in supporting local businesses.

The research from Visa also revealed that half (46%) of UK small business owners say that if everyone in their local community spent just £5 extra a week with small businesses either on or offline, it would help them to survive in the long term. As a result, Visa is partnering with grassroots initiative Totally Locally to offer free ‘Town Kits’ to small business owners and community groups looking to work together to protect the future of independent high streets.

Together they are encouraging small business owners to sign up to ‘Fiver Fest’, a two week celebration of small businesses and local communities. With over half of consumers (58%) saying they could spend £5 extra a week with small businesses, Totally Locally and Visa are calling on consumers to make a change to their spending habits and shop locally where they can.

For more information, visit fiverfest.co.uk for a list of towns taking part or if you want your town to join in.

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