Walkers changes savoury snack tack

Walkers Hero 25

Walkers has updated its HERO 25 range of bestselling crisps and snacks SKUs in symbols and independents to include a greater focus on £1 PMP lines among singles and multipack products.

Guy Harvey, Impulse Category Director for PepsiCo, commented: “2020 saw a number of major changes to how people shop in the Impulse channel, many of which still remain relevant today. Shoppers are continuing to look for larger pack formats across £1 RRP PMP, bigger bag sharing and multipacks. It was therefore a no-brainer to evolve our recommended range of core bestsellers.”

Walkers has also launched an additional element to its recommended ranging strategy, the DRIVE 25 range. This targeted range, for medium and larger stores, offers greater choice and breadth to shoppers, focusing on a prioritised list of 25 products. These lines offer retailers the ability to tailor their range needs either by offering new products or by offering additional packs in the best performing segments like £1 PMP.

Harvey added: “The new DRIVE 25 range offers a tailored approach to ensure retailers add breath and excitement to their range with the right products that will lead to strong sales, if they have the space available. We want to work collaboratively with retailers to create an optimal range of bestsellers, supplemented with the right choice and breadth to meet our shoppers needs.”

The HERO 25 and DRIVE 25 ranges include bestsellers that make up 35% of crisp and snacks sales in symbols and independents.

Walkers is also offering a number of rewards through the *shopt app, focused on HERO 25 and DRIVE 25 ranges.

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