To crisp or not to crisp? That is the question from Walkers

crisp sandwich

Walkers has reignited the crisp sandwich debate with its latest multi-channel marketing campaign, #crispIN or #crispOUT, which encourages consumers to voice their opinion on their lunchtime and sandwich habits.

The campaign is running across TV, social and PR channels until 20 June and includes social media content from A-list celebrities.

As well as being inspired to create their own #crispin or #crispout sandwiches at home, consumers will have the ability to experience the choice in Subway stores across the UK. For a limited time, customers can choose Walkers Ready Salted Crisps as a topping on any sub, wrap or salad to create a #crispIN meal.

Philippa Pennington, Marketing Manager at Walkers, said: “We all know that sandwiches and crisps are a match made in heaven, but there remains a very real, very heated debate about whether you should enjoy your crisps in or out of your sarnie! Walkers will be encouraging the nation to voice their thoughts – whether that be #crispIN or #crispOUT of the sandwich – and ultimately link the discussion to the Walkers brand.”

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