Tobacco track and trace system to change IT provider

The UK tobacco track and system will be moving from its current IT provider De La Rue (DLR) to Dentsu from 1 July.

ACS says retailers registered on the existing track and trace system will have all their information automatically transferred to the new Dentsu system. This means that their Economic Operator Identifier Code (EOID) and Facility Identifier Code (FID) will remain the same.

In addition, retailers will receive two communications from Dentsu – to their email account registered on the current track and trace system – in the coming weeks and months:

  • An email from Dentsu about their automatic registration that gives retailers access to a test system. The email will be from
  • A second email from Dentsu between 20 June and 1 July that will confirm retailers’ registration to the live Dentsu UK track and trace system from This email will also include login details that will allow retailers to access and manage their account. Retailers will be given a default password that must be changed when they first log on to the new Dentsu system.

ACS chief executive, James Lowman, said: “We have worked to provide retailers with comprehensive guidance and support on the track and trace system since it was introduced in 2019.

“It is extremely important that retailers familiarise themselves with the changes to the track and trace system and follow the instructions in the communications from Dentsu to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law in the sale of these products.”