Subway number three for One Stop

One Stop store

Hot on the heels of its latest Scottish franchise opening, One Stop has news of its third store to serve up a Subway offering.

Karlos and Pratima Patel have been trading their family business in Leeds with One Stop since last July, and this year recognised the need for a food-to-go solution to support the local area. After choosing Subway, the revamped store opened earlier this month.

The family saw a great first week, with Subway sales exceeding all expectations and also driving incremental footfall and sales into their One Stop.

Looking back over the year working with One Stop, Karlos commented: “Since joining One Stop the business is much easier to operate with their simple back office systems, they take care of everything for us. We’re even able to have some time off to spend together as a family which is great. In my opinion, if you haven’t already spoken to One Stop you should – you won’t look back.”