Snappy Shopper unveils first national advertising campaign

Snappy Shopper ad

Snappy Shopper has launched a new six-figure national TV, video-on-demand, radio and online advertising campaign in a move designed to encourage shoppers to shop locally via the home delivery app.

The 30-second ads, supported by digital and social media content, feature stories of shoppers faced with a sudden, unexpected need for groceries.

The campaign runs until 5 December 2020 across the UK.

Philippe Rondepierre, Marketing Director at Snappy Shopper, said: “The aim of our first national advertising campaign is to target shoppers who have the greatest propensity for convenience shopping and home delivery.

“We are raising the awareness of Snappy Shopper in the regions and localities where we deliver. Scotland currently has the greatest density of Snappy Shopper outlets with 64% of the resident population covered but as our presence is expanding fast throughout the UK; this gives us access to a greater choice of traditional and online media channels.”

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