Sharwoods goes on a taste adventure

Man cooking with Sharwood's sauce

Sharwood’s is back on the small screen for the first time in five years with a new £1m campaign that showcases the Sharwood’s Indian range and shows how “consumers can be taken on a taste adventure” inspired by modern-day India’s culture, traditions, flavours and colours.

The ad will run for three months with brand owner Premier Foods aiming to bring younger shoppers into a category that traditionally is most popular with those aged 45 years and older.

A growing number of people have become more adventurous with their cooking under lockdown, with many trying to recreate restaurant favourites. This has contributed to growth of 16.4% for the cooking sauces and accompaniments category.

Andrey Sokirkin, Brand Director for Cooking Sauces and Accompaniments at Premier Foods said: “For the last few years, Sharwood’s has been on a journey of modernising Indian cuisine.

“Our new TV campaign will be the next step towards modernising Indian meals further, bringing the vibrant and colourful flavour inspiration of India to consumers in a fresh and engaging way, while re-establishing Sharwood’s as a contemporary, authentic brand.”