Retailers very ‘appy’ with new Nisa tool

Nisa mobile app

More than 1,000 Nisa partners have signed up for the symbol group’s new app since it launched two weeks ago.

The app has been downloaded and registered on almost 2,000 devices as partners make use of both mobile phones and tablets to benefit from the new technology.

Around 2,200 standard orders have been placed directly via the app accounting for 146,000 cases of products and an additional £62,000 in orders have been placed on special ‘app only’ deals.

Feedback from Nisa partners has been very positive including reports from retailers who have confessed to usually struggling with modern technology and IT related matters.

One retailer commented: “The app is so good and even friendly for me to use as someone who struggles with technology. Nisa has really made it easy.”

Another said: “I’ve just used the app for my ambient order. It was very easy with a good scanner that gives you options for products and tells you at the end if anything has been rejected. It’s very, very good.”