Quorn teams up with Adelie for on-the-go range

Quorn sandwich and wrap

Quorn has launched a new range of sandwiches and wraps in partnership with food-to-go brand Adelie Foods.

The range comprises four sandwiches and two wraps:

Sandwiches – RSP from £3.29

  • Vegetarian Chicken & Stuffing
  • Vegetarian Chicken Salad
  • Vegetarian Ploughman’s
  • Vegetarian Ham Salad

Wrap – RSP from £3.29

  • Sweet Chili
  • Caesar

Andy Smith, Director of Business Development, Quorn said: “The meat free category is currently largely centred around planning meals at home, but our research has shown there’s a big demand for more meat substitutes and vegetarian options in the on-the-go channel.

Our sandwiches and wraps performed brilliantly in consumer taste tests and we think our new range can increase awareness and sales for the lunchtime meat-free category.”

For more information call 0333 003 7843 or visit adeliefoods.co.uk.

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