Premier reveals Christmas cakes

Cadbury Roses Cake Bars

Premier Foods has unwrapped its Cadbury Cakes and Mr Kipling festive ranges, which see a host of classic favourites returning alongside some NPD.

New Cadbury Roses Cake Bars, based on the popular chocolates, is available now in Strawberry Dream and Orange Créme flavours, and will stay in market beyond December. A pack of five individually-wrapped bars has an RSP of £1.69.

The Mr Kipling range has received a packaging refresh, while Iced Topped Mince Pies are also now available in a twin pack.

Helen Warren-Piper, Marketing Director at Premier Foods, said: “Consumers rely on their favourite brands at Christmas time. At Premier Foods, our portfolio includes a number of the nation’s leading brands that are central to the Christmas season. In addition to bringing back popular products that help retailers consistently drive sales each year, we are always looking to build on this excitement with new launches.”

The Premier Foods Christmas cakes range is as follows:

Mr Kipling

  • Mr Kipling Merry Mince Pies (6 pack) – RSP £1.99
  • Mr Kipling Iced Topped Mince Pies (6 pack and twin pack) – RSP £1.99 (6 pack)
  • Mr Kipling Winter Whirls (6 pack) – RSP £1
  • Mr Kipling Ginger Whirls (6 pack) – RSP £1
  • Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies (8 pack) – RSP £1
  • Mr Kipling Festive Bakewells (6 pack) – RSP £1
  • Mr Kipling Stollen Slices (6 pack) – RSP £2.29
  • Mr Kipling Christmas Slices (6 pack) – RSP £2.29
  • Mr Kipling Elf Slices (6 pack) – RSP £1

Cadbury Cakes

  • Cadbury Roses Cakes Bars (5 pack) – RSP £1.69
  • Cadbury Rudolph Cakes (4 pack) – RSP £2
  • Cadbury Festive Cake Bars (5 pack) – RSP £1
  • Cadbury Flake Cakes (5 pack) – RSP £2
  • Cadbury Mini Yule Logs (5 pack) – RSP £2
  • Cadbury All I want for Xmas (9 pack) – RSP £3
  • Cadbury Yule Log – RSP £2
  • Cadbury Swiss Gateau – RSP £2.39