Coronavirus: Pinkie Farm delivers the essentials

Dan Brown

Award-winning Nisa retailer and SGF Senior Vice-President Dan Brown has launched new ‘essentials kits’ aimed to help the most vulnerable people in the community and those who are self-isolating.

The kits, costing £25, comprise a range of key items including milk, eggs, bacon, a steak pie, various fruit and vegetables, a multi pack of crisps and a few sweet treats.

Shoppers are required to make their order via email to Dan’s Pinkie Farm store in Musselburgh for free home delivery.

Dan explained: “The contents of the kits are aimed at feeding two to three people and are compiled of the products we have been asked for regularly over the last week or so.

“Initially the kits can’t be altered or added to, as this will significantly decrease the number of people we’ll be able to help with the resource we have. We will however be looking to expand our capabilities over the coming weeks to allow customers to order products more freely.”

Launched on Monday via social media, the first 100 packs were ordered within 24 hours and those who have already received them have been very positive in their feedback.

Dan said: “The key focus was to ensure that those who really needed the help were getting it. We knew a lot of vulnerable people were unable to source any groceries at all and they are the people we are prioritising.”

Nisa Retail Development Manager Matthew Howie said: “Dan continues to come up with solutions to help those living in his community and he deserves a huge amount of praise for what he and his team are doing, on a daily basis, during this very difficult time.”

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