PayPoint chief reacts to ‘appalling’ racism claims

PayPoint transaction

In what has become an increasingly undignified issue, PayPoint CEO Dominic Taylor has released a personal statement vehemently denying allegations published on social media that he made racist comments in an interview with Retail Newsagent.

The allegations come at a time when PayPoint is engaged in an acrimonious dispute with retailers over commission levels.

In his statement Taylor said: “For the avoidance of doubt, in an interview with Retail Newsagent, upon which these allegations were based, I made no comment about the ethnicity of our retailers. I am thoroughly appalled and shocked by the accusations of racism and I want to refute these allegations in the strongest terms.

“PayPoint retailers are drawn from many diverse backgrounds and we have always welcomed, encouraged and supported this. It sickens me that these false allegations would undermine relationships built up over many years as we have grown as a business.”

Taylor added that although PayPoint didn’t wish to deny retailers free and frank debate, the service provider was unable to respond to each and every post made on social media, and concluded: “I cannot allow these unfounded allegations to continue.”