Nisa delivers retailer ‘appiness

Nisa 3d lorry side

Nisa’s new delivery app has achieved 1,000 hits, from 250 unique users, in the first week since its launch.

The app provides an additional service for Nisa retailers to give them live time progress updates on all of their deliveries, with the system updating every minute. In addition to this, to cater for Nisa members with multiple stores, the app also allows retailers to only see any exceptions on their deliveries, giving immediate visibility of any changes which may affect the delivery, such as road and traffic conditions.

In addition to this, over 20% of the phone calls received into the Nisa member helpdesk are regarding the estimated time of arrival for members’ deliveries. The new app should significantly reduce the number of phone calls of this nature, optimising the efficiency of the helpdesk service.

Lee Vickers, Head of Logistics, commented: “As a business we are always looking at new ways to enhance the service members receive from us and we are incredibly pleased with the initial uptake of the new delivery app.”

Retailer Christopher Taylor is very impressed with the app, finding it easy to install on both mobile and PC. He said: “It is much quicker to click on the app and view the progress of the delivery vehicle, than phoning the help desk, waiting for them to answer and then view and report on the same information.

“The arrival time of the delivery vehicle has been within a minute of the ETA every time I have used the app. This tool is a welcome step in the right direction to continue to improve communication between Nisa head office and members’ stores.”