Coronavirus: NFRN throws struggling retailers lifeline

help needed

The Federation of Independent Retailers (NFRN) has launched a new fund for members who are facing severe hardship because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The NFRN Covid-19 Hardship Fund will offer financial assistance in the form of a grant to members suffering cash flow and other financial challenges.

Announcing the fund’s launch, National President Stuart Reddish said: “The impact of Covid-19 on the lives and businesses of some independent retailers has been unprecedented. We are acutely aware that some members are facing significant day to day financial challenges and that the help and support that we already provide to them needs to be boosted.

“We have, therefore, created a fund to alleviate the worries that independent retailers are experiencing as footfall in their shops drop and as their bills mount.”

The NFRN has identified and will contact members it believes could benefit from a hardship fund grant. Other members suffering hardship can also apply via a form on the NFRN website.

Reddish stressed: “Applicants must be suffering significant financial hardship so we can provide help quickly to those who need it most.”

NFRN Vice President Muntazir Dipoti will head up the team considering applications.

The Federation, its districts and branches, and retail partners are all contributing generously to the fund.