Maryland keeps it kookie

Woman with Maryland Cookie covering her eye

Maryland Cookies is going all out to encourage consumers to ‘Keep it Kookie’ in a major brand repositioning which plays on the fact that Maryland is ‘unashamedly different’.

The £750,000 fully-integrated, digital-led marketing campaign is spearheaded by a new commercial which will run extensively across social channels including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on prime-time TV.

The activity is set to reach over 14 million consumers, including 91% of core Maryland consumers almost seven times.

In addition, the Keep it Kookie commercial will be shown during Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on Saturday, March 6. ‘Aunt Deb’ (pictured) is the star of the show, arriving unexpectedly at a family home, inviting herself in before taking a seat and comically shimmying a Maryland Cookie from over her eye into her mouth, to everyone else’s amusement.

The commercial will be used to seed the ‘Maryland Cookie Race Challenge’ on TikTok, inviting consumers to challenge Aunt Deb and each other, and share their experiences of moving a Maryland Cookie down their face into their mouth, using TikTok’s duet feature.

Alongside celebrity influencer activity, a heavyweight digital focus will also feature what is thought to be a first for a UK biscuit brand, with Keep it Kookie images featuring on the GIPHY keyboard.

Burton’s Biscuit Co’s Marketing Director Kate Needham said: “The whole campaign celebrates the fact that Maryland Cookies are a little kookie, proud to be unlike any other biscuit and with a new brand positioning which reflects the fact that no two Maryland Cookies are the same.

“We’re confident that consumers will warm to the fact that we’re celebrating what makes us all different and having lots of fun in the process, especially at a time that is particularly challenging for us all. Keep it Kookie will be encouraging millions of others to do the same.”