London retailer wins £10k Camelot prize

Kulwant Bhatia
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Kulwant Bhatia, who runs Hillingdon News in Greater London, is the second National Lottery retailer to scoop £10,000 in Camelot’s Site, Stock, Sell quarterly prize draw.

Kulwant commented on the win: “I didn’t really believe it – and still don’t! I’ll probably use the prize money to go on holiday at Christmas and maybe visit India later.

“I’ve had my store for six years and The National Lottery for five years. And since having it, I’ve definitely seen an increase in my shop sales and footfall, so I’m happy about that. I also think the AllStars initiative is great – it’s really easy to follow and the website is easy to use.”

The 10-point Site, Stock, Sell is part of Camelot’s AllStars rewards programme. It helps retailers to improve their in-store standards and increase sales throughout the year by asking simple questions covering site (e.g. Is the National Lottery Playstation in the best possible location?), stock (Is the Scratchcard dispenser full?) and sell (Is your store displaying up-to-date posters?).

Camelot’s 120-strong Retail Sales Team has visited 44,000 stores twice over the period from April to September and, as a result, Site, Stock, Sell scores have increased from an average of 6.8 out of 10 at the start of the programme to 7.5 over the last 3 months – with 55% of retailers having scored 8, 9 or 10 in this period.

The programme is accompanied by a bespoke rewards scheme – in which retailers can earn up to £140 in cash rewards every year. Retailers earn £10 for a Site, Stock Sell score of 8/10, £15 for 9/10 and £25 for 10/10, and any retailers scoring eight points or more are automatically entered into a quarterly prize draw for the chance to win cash prizes – like the £10,000 bagged by Kulwant.

In addition, there are AllStars Quarterly Bonus Events, where retailers can earn an extra £10 for uploading photos of their store. Currently, retailers can earn the extra £10 by uploading a picture of their new ‘Bigger Cash Prizes’ Playstation POS to by December 8.