Link extends ‘Cashback Without Purchase’ rollout

PayPoint One terminal

Link, the UK’s largest cash machine network, is rolling out Cashback Without Purchase across the UK.

This initiative means consumers will be able to withdraw cash or check balances in smaller shops without the need to buy an item in-store or pay a fee. The government made changes to the law through the Financial Services Act 2021 earlier this year to facilitate ‘cashback without a purchase’ services.

PayPoint is the first of Link’s members to provide the service and will be offering it at more than 2,000 shops before the end of the year.

Consumers using the service can choose to withdraw any amount between 1p and £50 rather than being restricted to notes dispensed by ATMs. Retailers are remunerated for providing this service by the cardholder’s bank via the Link member offering the service.

Tracey Graham, Chair of Link Consumer Council, said: “Protecting access to cash is absolutely vital for millions of people who depend on it. Cashback Without Purchase is a convenient new way for people to withdraw notes and coins at their local retailer.”


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