Illegal disposable vapes seized in North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire Council’s Trading Standards officers have seized disposable vapes, which cannot legally be sold in the UK, from local shops.

The team had previously carried out test purchases at the shops to gather information about the products, following a complaint from a concerned parent. The complaint alleges that children are buying the disposable vapes, that look like highlighter pens.

Disposable nicotine vapour products must contain no more than 2ml of liquid, the equivalent nicotine in one packet of cigarettes or around 600 puffs in a vape product, some of the products seized contained more than 1,500 puffs.

In addition, the products did not comply with the labelling requirements of The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 and did not come with the required information leaflet, correct warning size or importer details.

Paul Bannister, Protective Services Manager, said: “Our exercise has successfully removed a number of nicotine vapour products from sale, due to consumer product safety concerns, however I would ask parents to be alert to the risks of young people using them. Remember, it is unlawful for nicotine vapour products to be supplied to persons under the age of 18 years.

“Disposable vapes are sold in bright packaging designed to appeal to young people in flavours like strawberry and bubble gum, for as little as £5. They contain very high levels of nicotine and we have anecdotal evidence that young people using them have coughed up blood, experienced nose bleeds and nausea.

“We will be writing to retailers with guidance on these products and advising them to return any stock that does not comply with the legal requirements. We will continue to monitor sales of nicotine vapour products and will not hesitate to take enforcement action against any retailer who continues to stock these potentially harmful products.”

Several of the brands seized by do not appear to be registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, so officers are working with the agency to confirm registration status and identify if any of the products seized contain banned substances.