Health Bill ‘behind curve’ on e-cig adverts, says SGF

John Lee

The Scottish Grocers’ Federation has told the Scottish Parliament that the new Health Bill on the control of electronic cigarettes is ‘behind the curve’ in terms of its proposed ban on all forms of e-cigarette advertising.

Giving evidence today (8th September) in the Scottish Parliament, SGF Head of Public Affairs John Lee (pictured) told the Health and Sport Committee that there was a growing recognition that e-cigarettes can play an important role in helping people move away from tobacco products and that a ban on advertising would simply stop the potential harm reduction benefits from ever being realised.

Lee said: “Given the recent evidence on harm reduction – particularly from Public Health England – the draft Bill is already behind the curve when it comes to the proposal to ban all advertising of electronic cigarettes. There is already a code of conduct which governs the advertising of these products and the sweeping powers the bill seeks to grant Scottish Ministers cannot be justified.”

SGF also confirmed its support for the provisions in the Bill which would age restrict nicotine vapour products and make proxy purchase an offence.