Fox’s ready to ‘revitalise boiled sweets’ with new ad

Valeo Snack Foods has launched a new seven-figure campaign for Fox’s Glaciers to support the brand’s recent redesign.

The campaign takes inspiration from Fox’s new ‘Satisfyingly Long Lasting’ tagline and imagines what life could be like if all good things lasted as long as a Fox’s sweet. It comes after a packaging makeover for the brand, which got a fresh, modern update earlier this year.

Launching this month, the campaign will run on TV, video-on-demand, out-of-home, press and social media. A second wave of activity is planned in early 2022 for digital audio and in-store.

The TV ad takes the experience of successfully skimming a stone and makes it into a long-lasting triumph. It’s mildly amusing.

Valeo marketing bigwig Russell Tanner said: “Fox’s has an impressive 91% brand recognition, but we need to build on this awareness and encourage reappraisal of the brand, highlighting the adventurous new flavour extensions on offer and getting consumers excited about the Fox’s brand again.

“We’re ready to revitalise boiled sweets and support retailers to drive sales in an often-neglected category.”