E-cigs ban for under-18s

Man using electronic cigarette

The Scottish Government will ban the sale of non-medicinal e-cigarettes to under-18s – and also make it an offence for an adult to buy them for a minor – in new legislation proposed for later this year.

E-cigarette retailers will also be required to be registered on a central register, as tobacco retailers in Scotland currently are.

The move follows the government’s consultation on e-cigarettes and plans to strengthen tobacco control.

Welcoming the news, NFRN Scotland District President Shahid ‘Mo’ Razzaq commented: “We have long encouraged our members not to sell e-cigarettes to young people, so we are pleased the Scottish government is taking action to support this stand.

“On top of this, making it illegal for an adult to buy the products on behalf of a youngster will support retailers trying to carry out the will of the law.”

Chief Executive of the NFRN Paul Baxter added: “The tobacco retailer’s register in Scotland works well, so having a central register for retailers of e-cigarettes and other nicotine delivery products is a wise proposal.

“The NFRN hopes that the Scottish Government will make the register a free service to ensure it does not dissuade hard pressed retailers from signing.”