Daring TV ad backs Doritos Roulette

Sharing bag of Doritos Roulette

Following the Doritos Roulette launch in April, the snacking brand is returning to TV screens with a new ad to support the campaign.

The advert features nail biting music with a group of people including animal characters sitting around a table nervously taking it in turns to delve into a bag of Doritos Roulette. When someone in the group is too scared to eat one of the corn chips, in fear that they may pick out an extra hot one, they transform into a chicken character. The advert ends with a voice over saying ‘eat another if you dare’.

Each bag of Doritos Roulette (rrp £1.99) contains a number of ultra-spicy chips hidden amongst the usual tangy cheese flavour, giving consumers an element of surprise. The randomly placed fiery hot tortilla chips are covered with invisible spice making them completely indistinguishable from the others. These spicy chips are the hottest that Doritos has ever produced – with the liquid used on them being 10 times hotter than a Jalapeño pepper.

Michael Walford, Doritos Marketing Manager, commented: “We’re thrilled to be launching our second advertising campaign for 2015 which will support the recent Doritos Roulette launch. This new variant is perfect for all sharing occasions, providing retailers with an opportunity to boost sales and help drive growth for the category. Doritos is a renowned snacking brand in the UK and continues to bring innovation to the CSN category, and excite new and loyal shoppers.”

The new advert, which launched last night (Sunday), will be on air over the summer months and will be supported with strong levels of digital activity.