Coronavirus: NFRN creates new Covid-19 posters for members

NFRN posters

A series of downloadable posters that advise customers about increased safety measures and possible changes within stores during the coronavirus pandemic has been created by the NFRN.

The posters address general topics such as social distancing, possible price increases, payment safety procedures and changes in opening hours due to staff shortages.

They were created following confusion within some stores amid the coronavirus outbreak.

As independent stores can remain open for business throughout the pandemic, it is paramount that practices remain safe for all owners, employees and customers.

NFRN National President Stuart Reddish said: “These posters are a further effort to ensure that all of our members, their staff and customers remain safe during these unprecedented times.

“The NFRN urges all members to download and use the posters within their stores, as many basic safety measures are being either forgotten or ignored by some members of the public.

“The posters also address certain changes with your stores – such as no cash payments, increased prices and changes in opening hours – keeping all of your customers better informed.”

The posters are free to download for all NFRN members.