Coke gets its bottle back

Still from Love Story

If you’ve ever thought that television just showed the same old rubbish over and over, you may have a point. Coca-Cola Great Britain has created its first-ever ad made entirely out of its 100% recyclable packaging.

The advert – titled ‘Love Story’ – traces the journey of two star-crossed plastic bottles who keep falling for each other as they are continually recycled. It aims to encourage more people to recycle and highlights how plastic bottles can be reused to produce more plastic bottles.

The stop-motion ad has recycling at its heart, as the entire set was made entirely out of recyclable material – mainly Coca-Cola packaging. It was created by Berlin-based artist Lacy Barry who used more than 1,500 Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Smartwater and Honest bottles and cans during production.

The campaign will communicate its message about recycling to 35 million Britons by the end of this year via TV, cinema, digital and social media channels.

The ad is part of Coca-Cola’s new sustainable packaging strategy, which sees the company aim to recover all its packaging, as well as setting the ambition to increase recycled PET in bottles from 25% to 50% by 2020.

“The beauty of Love Story is that it reminds people our packaging is valuable, as it can be recycled into more packaging over and over again,” said Aedamar Howlett, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain.

“All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and has been for some time now. The multi-million-pound campaign shows how serious we are about encouraging more people to recycle, so we that we reach our aim of getting all of our bottles back.”