Burton’s launches ‘under 100 cal club’

Burton's 'under 100 cal' range

Burton’s Biscuit Co. hopes to grow demand for its ‘less than 100 calories’ offering with a timely New Year launch of the ‘Under 100 Cal Club’.

“Demand for permissible snacking options continues to grow as shoppers recognise the role that reduced calorie products can play in a balanced diet, particularly at the start of the year when calorie control is high on the agenda,” said Kate Needham, Burton’s Marketing Director.

“The Under 100 Cal Club will help shoppers to easily identify the calorie content of our products and to make an informed choice, whilst offering a range of delicious mini bite size and individual portions that are perfect for eating on the go, lunchboxes or an after-school treat.”

Burton’s began reducing the calorie content of its biscuits in 2018 with a 20% sugar and calorie reduction across the portfolio and the reformulation of its existing Minis range. Together with Jammie Dodgers and Maryland Minis portion packs, the introduction of the company’s first ever snack bars earlier this year has created a comprehensive range of portion-controlled biscuits.

Burton’s will back the Under 100 Cal Club with a range of in-store activity to engage consumers throughout 2020.

The Under 100 Cal Club range includes:

  • Jammie Dodgers Minis (89 kcal a portion) RSP £1
  • Jammie Dodgers Jam & Yogurt Snacks (97 kcal a portion) RSP £1.39
  • Maryland Minis Choc Chip (99 kcal a portion) RSP £1
  • Maryland Minis Double Choc Chip (99 kcal a portion) RSP £1
  • Maryland Oaty Cookie Bars (94 kcal a portion) RSP £1.39
  • Maryland Chocolate Cookie Bars (97 kcal a portion) RSP £1.39

Burton’s plans to extend the range to include more options from its best-selling brands at less than 100 calories a serve.

For further information call Burton’s Biscuits on 0330 6600 196 or visit burtonsbiscuits.com.