Border Biscuits raises £1m for charity

John Cunningham
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Border Biscuits has announced its charity initiative has reached the £1 million milestone.

The independently-owned business supports good causes by donating 10% of profits through its charity, Border Biscuits Community Support.

Border Biscuits Community Support has contributed to over 170 not-for-profit organisations in Scotland including Archaeology Scotland, Rotary International and New Lanark Trust.

Founded in 2010, as well as donating funds, the charity sees company employees regularly volunteer with projects.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Border has donated over 150,000 packets of biscuits to NHS hospitals, care homes and foodbanks across the UK.

John Cunningham (pictured), Chief Executive at Border Biscuits, said: “Our company has grown significantly over the last 10 years and our donations through Border Biscuits Community Support have grown with it.

“For our scale of business, we know that while we cannot change the world, we can make a real difference in our community.

“It is more than just money, it is about partnering with other organisations and giving practical guidance and time. It is a big idea – that a business can play a bigger role in their community.”

Within Border Biscuits’ local community, Lanark Community Development Trust, part of Scotland’s growing network of Development Trusts, and Discover Lanark Business Improvement Group, continue to be key partners of Border Biscuits Community Support.

Sylvia Russell, Chairperson of Lanark Community Development Trust said: “Border Biscuits has been an integral part of the Development Trust with funding and expertise helping to regenerate the community since 2012.

“Funding has contributed to a wide-variety of initiatives over the years including the creation of a digital platform to promote the town, regeneration of our High Street, Castlebank Park and Horticultural Centre development.”

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