Bestway unveils £250K Christmas campaign

Bestway has launched a Christmas campaign across all its depots, representing more than £250,000 of investment.

The ‘Your Home This Christmas’ campaign, bring held in collaboration with key suppliers, has been designed to create theatre, fun, and visual appeal. It sees a large Christmas house being constructed in around 35 depots with large sleighs and reindeers and POS theatre in the smaller sites where space is been a potential challenge.

Retailers can visit the Christmas house which is packed with festive products. There is a supplier-branded room in each house with product pallets that will rotate in four weeks to refresh the product offers. Large digital screens will highlight special products, retailer promotions, and supplier content.

The campaign is supported by a competition giving retailers the chance to win a share of the £56,000 prize fund, there will be one lucky winner every two weeks in each depot across the campaign where the winner receives credit of £250 to be taken in January 2022, giving a total of 224 winners over eight weeks.

Kenton Burchell, Trading Director for Bestway Wholesale and retail, said: “Our Christmas house encompasses theatre, is a perfect forum for suppliers to showcase their Christmas products. Never before have we looked to physically ‘bring alive’ Christmas in this way, or with such investment.

“What’s really important here is that after a challenging two years for the whole industry, the whole concept is designed to support, appreciate and reward our customers, and our suppliers too.”

Bestway’s Your Home at Christmas campaign is supported by an above-line trade press media campaign and through the company’s digital platforms including a Bestway digital ‘takeover’ campaign, which is prominent across its website.