Barratt back on box

Barratt TV ad

Tangerine Confectionery has invested £800,000 in two TV adverts to promote its core Barratt range.

The main ad, airing on TV and video-on-demand, promotes Tangerine’s Softies range – the soft gum twist on Barratt favourites such as Dip Dabs, Refreshers and Fruit Salad.

A shorter second commercial includes other Barratt staples like Sherbet Fountains, Wham, Black Jack, Milk Teeth and Fizzy Dummies.

The adverts intend to showcase the brand’s appeal to childhood memories and nostalgia, focusing on the joy of experiencing sweets.

Russell Tanner, Marketing and Category Director at Tangerine Confectionery, said: “This advertising investment represents a real opportunity to widen brand awareness through a targeted television campaign, expected to reach nearly 7.5 million consumers.

“Our last television campaign drove an uplift in sales of more than 40 per cent, and we expect to see similar results this time round.”