Robinsons offers squash with benefits

Robinsons Benefit Drops range

Robinsons has launched Benefit Drops, a range of new mini packs with added vitamins that each offer different functional benefits.

The four-strong range is available in cases of 6 x 66ml with an RSP of £2.50 (£2 promotional) and consists of:

  • Vitality: Peach, Mango & Passion Fruit with added vitamin B3
  • Immunity: Orange & Guava flavour with added vitamin C
  • Boost: Raspberry, Strawberry & Acai with added B6
  • Focus: Lemon, Lime & Ginseng with added B3 and Zinc

Each pack contains 20 servings.

Similar to the existing minis range, Benefit Drops can be displayed on clip strips in the fridges at the front of stores to encourage impulse buys and keep the brand at the front of shoppers’ minds.

The launch is supported by a below the line media campaign and on social media.

Phil Sanders, Out of Home Director at brand owner Britvic, commented: “We know that being on-the-go can sometimes be a barrier for people when it comes to staying hydrated throughout the day. As more shoppers return to being on the move, as does the need for portable and flavourful refreshment options. Our current Minis range is worth £6m in RSV, making it the biggest pocket squash brand in the category and the perfect brand for retailers to drive their impulse squash sales.

“Each of the four flavours in the range provides a different added vitamin combination, which is perfectly suited for shoppers looking for functional drinks to suit their lifestyle, especially considering 32% of consumers have said they would be interested in buying cordials and squashes with added vitamins or minerals.