Sweet deal for Weetabix

Weetabix baked with Lyle's Golden Syrup

Weetabix has teamed up with Lyle’s Golden Syrup to launch a new, HFSS-compliant cereal. 

Available from 24 May, the partnership between two of Britain’s best-known brands aims to tap into an ongoing demand for tasty, yet nutritious cereals.

Weetabix baked with Lyle’s Golden Syrup is high in fibre, low in fat and salt, and uses 100% British wholegrain wheat, ensuring it is HFSS-compliant. This pairing blends the sweetly caramelised flavour of Lyle’s Golden Syrup with Weetabix’s classic biscuit.

The launch will be supported with instore and online shopper activity, digital video adverts and via social media and influencer amplification, as part of a £250,000 marketing investment.

Gareth Turner, Head of Marketing at Weetabix, said: “Consumers are looking for products that hit the mark taste-wise, but also offer nutritional benefits. On top of this, brand partnerships are on the rise with shoppers seeking authentic flavours and new experiences.

“So, it’s the perfect time to bring two huge British kitchen cupboard staples together to launch this new cereal, which offers a unique flavour combination, two exciting brands and a strong nutritional profile.

“Innovation is key to driving cereal sales and introducing people to the category. We expect that the combination of both iconic logos on pack will capture attention instore, whilst as a HFSS-compliant range, we’ll be able to support the launch as usual in the months ahead.”

Weetabix baked with Lyle’s Golden Syrup is available from 24 May across grocery, convenience and wholesale with an RSP of £3.29 (24 biscuit pack).