Unitas plans for profit with new category guidance

Plan for Profit guides

Unitas Wholesale has launched its first two Plan for Profit category guides for 2021.

One focuses on the core range for the Impulse category while the other advises retailers on what to stock in Grocery, Non-Food, Chilled & Frozen.

Tracey Redfearn, Plan for Profit Category Controller commented: “The category guides feature the key products we advise retailers to stock in order to maximise their sales and profits within these categories. Each guide in the series is compiled using information provided by our supplier partners, industry experts and member wholesalers, which means that through Plan for Profit we truly offer a credible core range tailored to the needs of the independent retailer.”

New for 2021, the Grocery, Non-Food, Chilled & Frozen guide now includes a recommended range of chilled & frozen products available from Unitas Wholesale’s preferred supplier partner Eden Farm with scannable barcodes for ease of ordering.

Retailers will find insights in each guide including ‘Confectionery’, ‘Sweet Snacking’, ‘Soft Drinks’, ‘Hot Beverages’, ‘Biscuits’ and ‘Toiletries’ to help them better understand and grow these categories in-store. Price-marked and VAT exempt (zero rated) products are also highlighted throughout the guides.

Printed copies of both guides are available in selected Unitas Wholesale member depots. Online versions of the guides and the core and extended product range can be accessed via the Plan for Profit website and app.

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