SLR unveils new digital title, The Week In Retail

The Week In Retail digital magazine

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – which is why Scottish Local Retailer has launched a new weekly digital news magazine, The Week In Retail.

The current pace of change is unlike anything we’ve experienced in nearly 20 years of publishing SLR and our new title offers the freshest, most up-to-date news, views, opinions and information in a format that’s familiar to our readers.

To be clear, however, our goal in producing this new online magazine is not simply to replicate the SLR print edition on a weekly basis. For one thing it includes content that you might not ordinarily see in SLR. You will find more content that isn’t specifically from Scotland and we’ll be dedicating a lot more space to content that isn’t necessarily from the world of convenience retailing. The inclusion of video content is also something you won’t find in a printed magazine.

Our key aim with The Week In Retail is simply to bring you content that will help you, inform you and inspire you in equal measure, something we feel is particularly important in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

We’ve also tried hard to keep the content brief, easy to digest and fast-paced. Retailers have little enough time as it is, so we’re attempting to bring you great content quickly and we’re drawing on all of our 20+ years’ experience in the trade, including five years as retailers ourselves, to sift out the stories, news, information and advice that we believe will be most useful to you in these weird and sometimes wonderful times.

The world may be full of doom and gloom but there is also a lot going on out there to restore your faith in humanity after all.

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