Times and Sunday Times roll out new subs voucher tracking system

Times and Sunday Times

The Times and Sunday Times have implemented a subscription voucher tracking system in a new move to protect print volumes and boost the category.

The new system will mean the publisher can identify where vouchers have been redeemed and when, which will ultimately mean better insight into customers and thus enabling queries to be dealt with in a timelier manner.

From News UK’s research into the 7.8 million PIN vouchers processed so far, the data shows that over half of all subscribers are loyal to just one retailer when purchasing their daily newspaper – further illustrating the value of newspapers to drive footfall in store and multiply basket spend.

The publisher is urging retailers to help convert point of sale customers to subscribers and remind customers that if they buy The Times Monday to Friday, they can save money when they subscribe to all 7 days for just £8 per week. These extra weekend newspapers could be worth an additional £244 in sales to a store each year.

Voucher fulfilment has already improved meaning fewer late or incorrect vouchers being issued, reducing complaints and preventing keeping papers from being sold without waiting for new voucher booklets to arrive.

Coinciding with the new system, the News UK Field team will also be on hand with advice and on-site assistance to support retailers to drive Times subscriptions sales.

Peter Evia-Rhodes, The Times and The Sunday Times’ Director of Customer Value said: “This new voucher scheme will give more flexibility to customers whilst helping retailers to improve the customer experience. We know that readers are more likely to come back to your store if they subscribe. We want to work with retailers to build an army of newspaper advocates in order to convert readers into subscribers – and therefore loyal customers in your store. This innovation is a further demonstration of our commitment to print, our retailers and our customers.”

In order to be credited the full cover price of the newspaper and handling fee, all valid subscription vouchers must be returned to your News UK wholesaler or handling agency within seven days of receipt.

Vouchers should only be claimed once the newspaper has been purchased or delivered, not in advance. This avoids the risk of subscribers changing their subscription or choosing not to receive their copy of the newspaper, such as when they are on holiday. Almost £500,000 has been paid out to retailers this year for future editions of The Times and Sunday Times that haven’t been printed yet.

Subscribers are entitled to holiday breaks for their subscription – if they stop their orders with you during their holiday, please inform your customers that they could be entitled to a refund on their subscription for the days that they won’t be claiming the print vouchers.

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