Vaping: Thornton’s Budgens offers in-store JUUL switching service

Thornton's Budgens switching service

JUUL has partnered with award-winning Budgens retailer and sustainability champion Andrew Thornton to offer adult smokers an alternative to tobacco by implementing a pop-up switching service inside his innovative Belsize Park store.

The switching programme runs once per week with smokers invited to take part through point of sale material, customer interaction at the till and the store’s social media platforms. Interested customers are offered discounted JUUL Starter Kits and are then coached through the switching process by a smoking cessation specialist.

Andrew, who has won numerous awards for both his community and sustainability work, is committed to offering products and services which offer positive impacts on both people and the planet. His store features a total of 28 plastic-free zones and uses a variety of plant-, paper-, glass- and metal-based solutions as alternatives to plastic packaging.

Commenting on the JUUL partnership, he said: “As a neighbourhood retailer totally focussed on helping the local community thrive and prosper, while being mindful of the harm that we are doing to the planet, I am delighted to be the first convenience retailer to offer an in-store switching service for my smoking customers.

“Initial feedback from my team members switching to JUUL has shown me how effective the brand can be in helping transition smokers away from tobacco. As a community retailer, there is no better service I can offer my customers than improving their lives and the lives of those around them.”